Thursday, November 03, 2005

The importance of love

People are likely to get a lot of ideas if I said “I believe in love.” Well, frankly I attach only a remote philosophical sentiment to it, because without love we would not have survived this far. I respect the phenomenon called love just because of this fact.

Maternal love is one of the most significant and popular forms of love. I mean to say that maternal love is something significant as far as proper child growth is concerned. But we should not think of only human beings as we discuss. Think of other animals and species. Think about the environment they live in where predators roam in search of food.

For the sake of discussion I take the example of a mother wolf and her offspring. This is an incident most likely to occur today if you are ever going to observe a wolf’s habitat and culture. It is strange to note that the mother cares for the child. Now suppose that the offspring is being cornered by a big black bear; the offspring utter a cry of help. And if the mother is nearby, she recognises her that offspring is in danger and rushes to the rescue.

What you might probably expect of the mother to do is challenge the bear. Yes if the mother wolf is successful she would force the bear out of her territory thus saving the offspring. Well, I hope now you gauge the importance of love from this small example.

It is love that binds the mother to the child. The mother sacrifices her life for the survival of her offspring. And this is an aspect of survival of the species. All this happens because of love. Now think of love in terms of some vital software. If this software was flawed then it could mean peril for the offspring.

Today love is perfect software; if it wasn’t, there would not be any wolves; and there would be humans either.
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