Sunday, August 20, 2006

The brain...

Lately I've decided to delve the realms of the human mind. Thinking is what I am thinking about these days. Because thinking is what I do mostly. What interests me is the fact that how I am able to conclude on certain issues just by thinking. However I find it difficult to put it down rationally at this moment.

All I have is the knowledge that the brain is composed of millions of neurons so intricately networked to respond to many things - stimuli. Thinking, on the other hand is something that is initiated within our selves. I wouldn't say that thinking is a sort of stimulus or a conaequence of it, but I cannot confirm that however as of my current status.

Lately I've been wondering what the term brainwaves stood for...and my wikipedia research narrowed me down to encephalogical activities that takes place in the brain. It just that when we respond to something our brain activity kicks up. Neurons fire and this propogates like a wave to specific regions in the brain
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