Saturday, January 13, 2007


While I compose this post there are many things I want to tell my readers. The first thing is that I have become more philosophic in certain ways. I have started thinking about religion. However I have not become religious. Even if I have become religious people still will say that I am an atheist. Because I think in that fashion. However to be exact I am an agnost; I can't know about God or any other supreme power. I can't truly define 'what is God'.

Since I do think about subjects like God and religion the thought about how these concepts came about are also lurking in my head. Why have these concepts come about? This is something I choose to find out. May be the answer is out there. But as of now I do not know about it. I intend to discover it. However I have not renounced the scientific temper that I have. I still rely on some evolutionary principles to start explaining some concepts about life. And if you are thinking how I am balancing myself between religion and science: simple; they are one and the same thing in terms of goals they want to establish. Now while I use science to look into some things it might seem that I am ignoring the importance of religion, and vice versa. This fluctuating tone is what you are going to get.

Finally these blogs are going to include a much wider scope. It is going to discuss religion, philosophy and science. I personally feel that these things should be discussed as they somehow give a more or less complete perspective. Or in other words they complete the perspective. Or at least they give you an illusion that they complete the perspective.
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