Sunday, September 09, 2012

Open to answer your curious questions about life...

I've just been hanging around a new Question & Answer website phenomenon on the internet - Quora. Before this I used to, well, ask many questions about biology, evolution, etc over at Biology Forums Online.

I follow many topics related to evolution: evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, natural selection, animals, etc. The kind of questions out there are intriguing. Some of the questions which I am about to show you are simply because people have "just" observed them or heard of them through some source:

There are just so many things in life that our species does not "see". 

I was just about looking for inspiration to blog about stuff these days and then I stumbled onto the Quora Q&A website. Cool thing about this website is you can ask people to answer questions. They could be your question or anyone else's question. I do enjoy trying to answer questions about the many curious things about life. Hence I would encourage people to follow my Quora profile. If you do find a curious question, just ask me to answer. Someday if I do find something really interesting I would post out here.

I am actually thinking of taking this interest of mine to the next level. Thinking of actually going places and delivering talks. I want to address small corporate audiences, or a small group of university students and faculties, etc. I haven't established enough contacts for this kind of ambition yet. There are a lot of factors I have to consider like how comfortable I am doing this, how reactive my audience would probably turn out to be etc. Nothing is concrete as for a plan at this moment. For starts, if people are interested in listening to such talks, I will ask them to setup up an informal meeting where I'd show them a demo of what I intend to talk. Lets see this how this idea rolls...
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