Saturday, March 16, 2013


I am a somewhat inspired to write today because of what my folks at home think about the concept. But in reality probably everyone has the same notion. We only live in the boundaries of what our fate defines. Some believe its written, and belief in that fact provides sense and purpose to life. However, many religious/cultural beliefs say that it is our responsibility to understand what is the purpose of life – or more precisely what is the purpose of your existence in life?

Not all cultures/religions share the same idea of fate – and even if they do its not in the same fashion. Hinduism and Buddhism attaches importance to this idea through a term called karma – the sum of all actions – what the individual has done, what he/she is currently doing, and what he/she is will do. Christianity and Islam does recognize fate but links everything to a supreme being – God. Whatever happens its all according to the Divine Plan or in accordance with the Will of God (or Allah).

The more I think about popular religions the more I see a cause, a purpose why a particular belief is there. It somewhat paints a picture of an ancient society. Sometimes the reasons may be very prosaic; other times it may be controversial. Whatever the nature of that reason be, in a socio-evolutionary sense, why do we “have” some notion about "fate"? Was it something useful to a group and hence survival?

Well, yes!!!

The answer to the last bit is not something you want to have tea with...but to a degree it relates to our species just “carrying on with their lives”...getting on with it...

Now why is “carrying on” part important?

Well, its not really important – its just that you would not be reading this post otherwise, and I would not have even written it! :)

And before I conclude this blog post, I have my own idea of fate, but I rather choose not to express it in words. Instead I'll share a video about a very common phenomenon associated with the way we human beings reproduce – fertilization – it should give you an idea.

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