Tuesday, September 13, 2016

the centroid of a triangle and why is it only just one point?

This post is probably off beat. The themes I usually write about were either biology, evolution, and evolutionary psychology. This post is related to geometry. And it has captured my imagination for quite sometime, until I stumbled upon its proof.

The underlying question was: Why do all medians meet at exactly one point?

Before I link to the proof, take your time and see if you can actually prove it and understand why...For going through the proof, you have to have an understanding of the basic proportionality theorem of triangles, and a few parallelogram laws/theorems to tackle this problem.

So here is the link from a website called urbanmythcafe: > www.urbanmythcafe.com/syntheticproof.ppt

It isn't a big achievement, but I take pride in being able to explain someone why it is so...

Ps: if at all the link is broken, please let me know, and I shall put it in writing myself...
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