Friday, October 28, 2005

Original quest

Understanding behaviour has a lot to do with evolutionary science. I hope I am not speaking like a scientist. But it somewhat perplexes me.

Well, the reason behind this existence of this blog started with inquiry into emotion – why we have it, what is its purpose? “Communication” might be an answer, but it is only a part of it. However, it is evident that emotion requires some sort of interaction. Meaning if humans existed in isolation, then emotions would not make sense...

Trying to find a reason for that I guess I’ve stumbled into other things. Let me warn you, you might appreciate whatever I mention in here provided you look at it with a philosophic perspective. I am not a philosopher yet!!! But this frame of mind can broaden the scope of this blog.

Coming back to emotion, well I have not got any thing yet. But I rake it out at another place:; I’ve joined a forum there and I never believed I would get a response, but people are actually into it. Click here to go to the forum page.
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