Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feminism and survival

I have nothing to my proof, but I still believe life is about survival. (At least partially). It is not that I don't care what folks at think; they have dispelled it as philosophy instead of science. Hell, I don't know what is for sure, but I believe that there is a brighter side to it. Perhaps one day in the future there will be scientific explanation that agrees with this insane idea of mine.

It has been quite a while I was infatuated with this thought of life. There was one time I used to think about feminism. My idea of feminism was rather subjective (while talking about survival). The modern definition or a dictionary definition goes on to saying something related to supporting women's rights or movements. It is something like allowing women to do what average men do (like for e.g. working late until night and returning home). In the context of survival, it has something to do with men involving themselves in the affair of child rearing.

Why should the father ever take care of his child? Again, a little knowledge of how primitive simian societies survived long ago would help. But for a mention, a man would live relatively much better if he had one child to take care of and support until it has grown up; too many children (from more than one female) are hard to keep. And in the former case, the child itself receives proper development. This is a cause that supports survival, hence ok.

Most males of other species and in primitive humans were known to be polygamous. They mated with more than one female and had many offspring. But what was the catch? All the offspring were not given equal privilege when it came to growing up. This resulted in some not surviving. There is another theory that all the offspring united and killed the father; this ultimately lead to something but I don't know what. I guess most males, the clever ones, started realising the importance of bringing up offspring from one female. Thus grew societies and higher organizations. Today, males have gone monogamous; or technically relatively less polygamous

It is difficult to actually point out how the idea of survival can be identified here. But really I hope you understood what I am about to say next:
Feminism is somehow related to survival.
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