Sunday, February 05, 2006

A curiosity list

There are so many things I am curious about. But I find that I really don't have time to find answers for them. I believe answering these questions can "upgrade" our perspective of life or may be put us in a position to better face it. I realise that there are some glitches in my way of thinking; but that does not put me off. I simply believe the wrong way of thinking like I am doing now or today might hopefully turn out or somehow transform into a the right way of thinking. However I am not implying that my way of thinking will be successful in the end. I am implying that my way of thinking might evolve gradually. But I really wish I had some user input.

Well, I might jot down whatever I am curious about this moment. All these areas are in itself a separate branch of study: -
1. The brain: the human brain is an amazing organ. Why I am curious about the brain is because studying how the brain responds to stimuli, and how it evolved into the shape it is now might give us insight into our mode of thinking. It might also give us an answer to why other animals that have brains have not been able to adapt quite well.
2. Reproduction: for now reproduction is almost like a riddle. Why is reproduction important? For now I have a hunch that some aspect of brain development is linked with this phenomenon. It could give us an answer to a lot of things related to how human societies formed, and may even give out logical reasons why they had formed this way.
3. The evolutionary life of a cell: You should probably look at things micro-level. Even cells have defence mechanisms. Which means that even they respond to a stimulus similar to the one that causes fear in us. But how did they evolve? It might give us a clear picture of what fear is and how it influenced our evolution and to what extent.
4. Sadness: whenever something bad happens we feel sad. But why do we feel that way. What is going on inside our brain? What is the significance of such a reaction that takes place inside our head? There must be an evolutionary reason for it. But how should you begin to explain it? This is the most perplexing of all the above.

What are the odds that you or someone else has already answered these questions? What are the odds that someone from the past has already answered these questions? Frankly I don't know. But if you could give me the name of that person, then probably you could give me an account of what he or she has answered! Although I feel miserably alone, I am actually not alone. How many people are out there who has thought of the same things I have? It is possible even they are trying to communicate somehow but still can't find each other!
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