Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yahoo answers!!! The place where I can get answers for my questions. I only require that people think about my questions for themselves and then give feedback.

Lately I've asked a rather intriging question over at yahoo. Its that whenever someone puts up the idea of a class tour I don't get that much excited about it. Because I know that girls will also be coming. Bringing them is a lot of headache. (Accommodation before late night, what rides to take women to and what not). Ultimately there is a feeling that you could not enjoy the way you've wanted to.

It was this emotion that I wanted to question. Why boys enjoy trips when there are only boys around? There were diffferent answers, but I liked the one that said something about boys wanting to be perfect in front of women, or more precisely a person appearing perfect in front of his/her opposite sex. I guess this is probably a work of natural selection that not all of us are usually aware of.

Suppose you are this open kind of person. You belong to a group of friends who are mainly boys. Suddenly you see this sexy girl! You spill it out in front of your friends, right? Now suppose you change the scene: you (being male) are hanging out with a couple of women. There are no other boys in this group. And then you see a sexy lady, what would you do? Tell the girls?! You might; but that depends upon your degree of relationship with them or how open you are in front of them. But the probability you would spill it in front of your boy-friends is more than the opposite case!

If you (the reader) happens to be female, try thinking about a similiar situation and you'll end up with the same conclusion.

I am more interested in the psychology behind all this. What is it that we try to achieve or gain through this irrational yet unaviodable emotion?
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